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DxO Optics Pro 8 (100% Discount)

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Automatically enhance your RAW and JPEG images, thanks to the power and precision of DxO Optics Pro. Effectively remove noise, optimize exposure & contrast, boost colors, enhance details and quickly get rid of lens distortion & perspective issues.

Fast, intuitive and powerful. Thanks to the preliminary laboratory characterization of thousands of camera/lens combinations, DxO Optics Pro’s automatic corrections are perfectly tailored not only to your equipment, but to the content of each of your photos.

What does DxO Optics Pro do for your images?

• If you have shot in RAW format, DxO Optics Pro processes your photos using the best converter ever designed. When transforming the RAW sensor data (using the “demosaicing” process, among others), this converter creates an image that is virtually free from artifacts.
• DxO Optics Pro automatically corrects all five optical distortions (geometric distortion, vignetting, chromatic aberration – both longitudinal and lateral – and lens softness), thanks to the high-level measurement database that our labs have been building up for years.

• DxO Optics Pro precisely corrects the exposure of your photo, with an automatic adjustment to prevent burnt highlights (RAW images only), and to even recover some partially burnt highlights. We recommend working with RAW files for best results.
• Thanks to the measurements made in our labs for each camera body, DxO Optics Pro has the best denoising process available, letting you shoot RAW or JPEG photos at speeds as high as ISO 100,000.
• DxO Optics Pro offers a unique automatic correction of contrast and lighting in shadows, equivalent to a fill-in flash, to radically improve any high-contrast or backlit picture.
• DxO Optics Pro offers an unrivaled option to change the color rendering of your photo, to make it look as if it had been shot by another camera, or that you had used a particular film.
• DxO Optics Pro offers an exclusive tool for wide-angle shots to correct deformation of faces and bodies by using nonconventional
(cylindrical or spherical) perspective methods.
• While all of the above corrections and features are automatic (apart from perspective correction, which is semi-automatic), you can always fine-tune their settings to adapt them to your taste.