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File Viewer Plus 2 (50% Discount)

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Ever found a strange file on your hard drive that you couldn’t open normally? Need to access a document but don’t have the required program installed? Looking for an application that lets you convert files to a range of alternate formats? If so, then File Viewer Plus should fit you perfectly. With the uncanny ability to open nearly any file format that you can think of — 300+ to be exact — you no longer have to install additional programs every time you come across a new format. File Viewer Plus isn’t just limited to opening files; document editing, image modification, and video conversion are among the many other things that the application is capable of.

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Intuitive User Interface

File Viewer Plus features a simple, yet intuitive user interface that consists of a simple menu bar and a vacant area that you can drag in files for viewing. The menu bar features six options — File, Edit, View, Image, Batch, and Help. Under File, you can open new files, print them out, and save any changes made. On the other hand, Edit gives you access to basic cutting, copying, and pasting options, while View lets you toggle between the Native, Text, Hex, and Icon viewing modes. Moving on, the Image tab features basic image editing options, and Batch lets you access the built-in Batch Converter feature. Finally, Help lets you update the application, access the help manual, check supported file types, etc.

Opening Files

With support for up to 300+ programs, you can open nearly any file format that you can think of, be it documents, videos, music, images, emails, camera raw files, compressed files, source code files, etc. — simply drag the file into the File Viewer Plus window, and you are done. The application changes the user interface slightly to accommodate the type of file format that you are viewing — for example, opening a video brings up your standard playback buttons, while viewing a PDF gives you access to a range of page navigation, zooming, and viewing mode options. Regardless of file format, a handy sidebar displays additional information such as file type, default program, size, location, author, version, etc. In the rare instance that File Viewer Plus doesn’t support your file, you can instead choose to inspect file contents directly by switching to the Text or Hex modes respectively — only for advanced users, however.

Editing Documents

File Viewer Plus isn’t just limited to opening files, but instead features a full-set of document editing features. Whether it’s a text, spreadsheet, or slideshow file — DOCX, ODT, XML, PPTX, etc. — File Viewer Plus’s got you covered. When editing a Word document, for example, you can choose to add or insert text, change font and font sizes, underline words, position text, add bullets and numbering, etc., thereby allowing you to get all your work done directly via File Viewer Plus. The same goes for spreadsheets and slideshow files, where the application features full-on editing support so that you won’t even notice you don’t have your favorite Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, or LibreOffice application installed. Any changes made to a document can be saved directly to the source file with no issues.

Modifying Images

In addition to its document editing functionality, File Viewer Plus also features complete support for modifying image-based file formats — simply put, you can do whatever you want, whether it’s resizing, cutting, cropping, or rotating images. The application features an integrated Quick Effect panel that lets you insert pre-set effects — Vintage, Soft Vintage, Flare, Liquid Metal, etc. — that let you enhance the look of your images in an instant. To keep up even with dedicated image editors, File Viewer Plus features full effects functionality, where you can add all sorts of effects to any area of your images by manually tweaking settings — Bump Map, Lens, Wave, Morphing Filter, etc. Other options include the ability to adjust brightness and contrast, adjust colors, remove red eye effects, sharpen images, etc.

Converting Files

File Viewer Plus features an unprecedented level of support when it comes to converting files to alternate formats. Whether it’s an ODT file converted to the DOCX format, a PNG image that you want in the JPEG format, or an MP4 video encoded in the MKV format, File Viewer Plus gives you the tools required to do the job — just specify that you want to save the file, and you get an array of output options, complete with bit-rates, resolutions, and codecs (when it comes to audio and video files). The latest version of File Viewer Plus also brings out a feature called the Batch Converter, which lets you streamline entire conversion procedures  — you can literally specify the module to convert hundreds upon hundreds of text and multimedia files in an instant.

Should I Buy It?

Simply put, File Viewer Plus is an amazing application to use. Gone are the days when you had to crawl all over the Internet looking up file format names and supported applications, since with File Viewer Plus, you can take care of those issues in an instant by opening nearly any type of file that you can think of. Not just that, but built-in editing functionality for documents and images make File Viewer Plus a truly versatile application to use, where you can literally save hundreds of dollars in the long run that you otherwise would be paying for other programs. Built in file conversion functionality is just icing on the cake, allowing you to save your files to dozens of alternate formats that you can use on other programs and devices.