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Panda Global Protection 2017 (50% Discount)

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Panda Global Protection is the top Panda security product.

The perfect choice to protect your PC, Mac or Android mobile devices. Panda Global Protection 2016 uses an advanced engine to protect from all the latest malware threats even unknown and zero day ones.

It works in real time protecting you while surfing, shopping online, play, using your bank account and more.


More features:

Encrypt and protect your documents securely so that only you have access to them

Integrates a powerful password manager  to manage all your passwords. Just set 1 master password and that’s it. It will remember all your passwords for a faster access to online websites.

Protect your kids from inappropriate content, with the powerful parental control they cannot see unwanted content and only surf securely without anything to worry about.

Includes a  system optimization tool to speeup your system.

Fix registry errors and speedup the system startup.