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SAM Broadcaster Cloud (Up to 30% Coupon Code)

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The latest and best SAM Broadcaster Cloud Discount Coupon Code

SAM Broadcaster Cloud allows to start a fully-fledged powerful Internet Radio station.

The main advntage to be in the cloud is the total automation and failover capabilities your stations can leverage. 24/7 fully automated systems will take care of it.

Stream your live shows and events with the powerful (included) SAM Live DJ

sam broadcaster cloud coupon code

From Silence trimming to volume normalization, you can get a lot of effect to apply immediately.

With the cloud version you can work in team and enable multiple DJs to work on your stations with custom configurations.

Start with 40 listeners and increase them if needed. No complex configurations are required, no network config to setup, etc.. no encoders to configure, no IP addresses, etc.. everything will be ready to use automatically.

It can also failover if you are using SAM Broadcaster Pro, Studio, Live DJ. If a problem is detected the cloud failover will take place immediately without user intervention.

And much more features!