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Sandboxie (20% Coupon Code)

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Sandboxie is a must have program all Windows users must install on their pc. Sandboxie is trusted by millions of users worldwide.

It can work with your existing anti virus increasing the protection that a standard anti virus program cannot offer.

The powerful isolation engine can block any malware and put them into the sandbox (a separate area where malware cannot do any damages). Any attempt to make changes to your pc, will be automatically sandboxed and your will be always protected.

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You could even use Sandboxie without an anti virus program as it can protect perfectly from malware, but we suggest to use both (Sandboxie and an anti virus) for best results.

Protect the browser from malware. Be safe from viruses, ransom ware and zero day attacks.

Safely use your email program (like Microsoft Outlook) without to worry about any dangerous attachment. It will be sandboxed as well.

Sandboxie is the perfect companion for your digital security. No other sandbox software can compete with it.

Works with:

Windows XP up to Windows 10

32 and 64 bit versions

Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, CyberFox, Opera, from IE 6 up to IE 11

Microsoft Office, PDF files and multimedia files

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